The birth of deyja

The birth of deyja, a platform for death, grief and loss

Unknowingly, the instagram message below which I wrote a few years ago, set off the creation of this online space.

The loss of my big love and life partner in the midst of an incredible world and life travel, lit a fire in me. It burned away presumptions and pretensions and I found out that when one can accept loss totally—a hundred procent and without concessions—while being in deep sadness and pain, it can also make way, next to this pain, for a feeling of great lightness, insight and clarity. Something which I believe is worth passing on. My wish therefore is that this online space can do the same for all of those who find themselves in that position of loss, pain and desperation and are looking for peace for peace, reflection, support and comfort.

Instagram, december 2015

"This month it is three years ago that Roberto and me started out journey – after we fell in love – a little more than four years ago on the Blue Ecuadorian ocean shore. Our encounter was not only love on first sight, but a cross-polination that changed our lives forever – fortifying our longing to lead a different life than what most modern societies demand.

The result was a travel and life experiment we baptized ‘navigate on trust,’ meaning to have trust in life and ourselves, following the unknown and let the present moment be our guide while using our hearts as compass.

We had no big savings and no particular destination in mind – only the intention and desire to be together, connect and share with other people and encounter new ideas and life insights. This meant detaching to material things as much as possible and embrace uncertainty to the fullest – giving up out attachment to specific results and destinations and let the universe handle the details. But, it also meant living the years like they were our last, enjoying our lve and life, even when we didn’t know the outcome.

That the outcome would be this – Roberto’s death on the 6th of December – and we would separate our physical existence is, the least to say, the ultimate super challenge of that philosophy, and I hope that that same philosophy will fill the hole in my heart, give me the strength to keep going and lead me safely into the future without my great love and life teacher on my side.

I will continue to ‘navigate on trust’ and try to investigate and live it even more profound and dedicate all the good that it will bring to him.

"My love nothing lasts forever, except for love, and especially ours. I know we are together always."


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Deyja is an intercultural investigation into life and death. We share inspiration on endings, dying, death and loss. Tools for coping with (any type) of pain and grief. To support our personal proces of transformation and mourning. We deal with questions such as “What happens when you die?”, “How to accept pain and loss in our lives?”, “How to give support to someone grieving” and “What happens after death?”


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